SimLab CAD Viewer is a free Andrloid / iPad application for viewing 3D CAD and architectural models. SimLab Android Viewer reads SimLab archive files (*.zim) exported from SimLab Composer, or any of SimLab Andrloid / iPad exporter plugins for, SketchUp, Alibre, 3ds Max, Maya, Revit, Modo, and PTC Creo.

Zim files can also be viewed on iPad, using SimLab CAD Viewer.

SimLab archive files include all the data needed for viewing the model ( geometries, colors, materials, textures, cameras, scene states, and animations).

Loading a model

Up on starting SimLab CAD Viewer, the user can view available models by clicking on the '+' menu in the top left part of the application. A list of available models will appear and the user can select the model to be viewed.

Navigating the model

Rotating: the user can rotate the model by moving a single finger on the iPad screen

Panning: the user can pan the model by moving two fingers in the same direction on the iPad screen

Zooming: you can zoom in by moving two fingers closer to each other, and zoom out by moving them away from each other

Applying a scene state: clicking on a scene state image will update the model to the selected state. With SimLab Smart Scene states, and templates, the limits for the look of the scene states together with their effect in the 3D area are endless.

Applying a camera : for models with no scene states, and which include multiple cameras, names of the cameras will appear in the lower part of the screen. Clicking on a camera name will update the view to the selected camera.

Reset Camera: double tapping on the iPad surface will reset the view to the last selected state or camera

CAD Viewer Options

Scene States button; Clicking on the scene states button, with the image of a camera, will hide / show the scene states in active model template.

Play button; For *.zim files that include animation, clicking the play button will play the animation.

Spin mode; Clicking on the navigation mode icon in the application menu, will change the navigation mode between free and spin.

Adding a new model

SimLab archive files (*.zim) are exported from SimLab Composer, or any of SimLab iPad exporter plugins. In SimLab Composer this can be done by clicking Export to iPad in the Filemenu, or by clicking Export from theiPad/Android Settings dialog. In any of SimLab iPad exporter plugins, SimLab archive files (*.zim) arre exported from SimLab plugin menu. Generated (*.zim) files can be transferred to SimLab CAD Viewer in different ways.

» Using iTunes

Open iTunes and go to Apps, then dropp the Zim file(s) you want on the CAD Viewer documents.

» Using E-mail

After emailing the zim file to an e-mail, then open that e-mail and click on the attached Zim file. If SimLab CAD Viewer is installed on the tablet, the zim file will be openend in it .

Choose the Open '+' menu in SimLab CAD Viewer option and the Zim file will be automatically opened using SimLab CAD Viewer.

» Using Dropbox

Click the dropbox button in  the top toolbar, then login to the dropbox account.

The directories will appear, and clicking a directory will show its contents.  

Select the Zim files to be downloaded, and then click the download icon.

When the download is completed, the imported files will appear in the models list.

Removing an existing model

Moving a finger on the a file name in the model list, shows the delete button for the model.

Click the delete button to delete the selected model and remove it from the list.