Plugin Description

SimLab Solid Edge importer for Maya plugin, enables Maya users to import and edit Solid Edge models inside Maya. The plugin supports importing files and assemblies.

Supported versions

The plugin is supported on Maya 2009 - 2014 (32, and 64bit).

After downloading the plugin, it needs to be registered with Maya, for the first time. This can be done by clicking the main menu Windows -> Settings/Preference s -> Plug-in Manager.

This will open the Plug-in Manager dialog, where a user can select the plugins to be loaded into Maya. Auto load will load the plugin the next time Maya is opened.

After loading the plugin the top level menu SimLab will be added,  where you can access the plugin's functionalities.

After registering the plugin with Maya a user can activate it by selecting the Register option from the SimLab menu. For step by step instructions on how to request trial license, or how to register your plugin please,click here.