Plugin Description

SketchUp exporter for 3ds Max plugin, enables users to export 3ds Max models as sketchUp files (*.skp) readable by SketchUp 7and 8. 3ds Max designers can now make their desings viewable on Mac operating system by exporting their models into SketchUp.

Supported versions

The plugin is supported on 3ds Max 2010-2014, 32 and 64bit.

After downloading the plugin, it automatically registers itself in Autodesk 3DS, and adds the new top level menu SimLab with SketchUp Exporter sub menu. The user will be able to export SketchUp files by clicking the menu  SimLab -> SketchUp Exporter -> Export Sketchup File.
The DWF Publish Options dialog will appear, click Ok for the Export window to open.

Select the name and location for the exported '*.zim' file, and click Save. The exported '*.skp' file is readable by SketchUp 7and 8.