Plugin Description

Inventor importer for SketchUp plugin, enables SketchUp users to import and edit Inventor models inside SketchUp.

Supported versions

The plugin is supported on SketchUp 2013 and SketchUp 8, on Windows.

Before installing the plugin, a user needs to have a full verison of Inventor installed, or to install the free Inventor Viewer 2013, and its Service Pack 1.1, and make sure to run the viewer at least once. After installing the plugin, it automatically registers it self in SketchUp, and adds SimLab Inventor Importer sub menu under SketchUp Plugins menu. To start using the plugin a user needs to click Register to register the plugin. For step by step instructions on how to request trial license, or how to register your plugin please,click here.

Importing Inventor models into SketchUp can be done with actual design dimensions, set inside Inventor, by unchecking the Auto scale Imported Model option in the Adavanced Settings window. This window can be accessed by clicking the Settings option in the plugin sub-menu. On the other hand, if a user needs to import an Inventor model to complete a scene, checking the Auto scale Imported Model Auto scale Imported Model option will scale the model according to the scene's dimensions.