Plugin Description

SimLab HTML exporter for Inventor plugin enables Inventor users to export Inventor 3D models in *.html file format. With this great capability Inventor users can now share their models on the web.

Supported versions

The plugin is supported on Inventor 2012, 2013, and 2014 (32, and 64bit).

After installing the plugin, for the SimLab HTML Exporter ribbon to appear under the Tools tab, a user needs to create or open an Inventor part (*.ipt), assembly (*.iam), or drawing (*.idw).

For the first time a user will need to register the plugins license, Trial or Professional. This can be done by clicking the Register button, or by clicking the Export to HTMLbutton in the plugin's ribbon. For a step by step instructions on how to register a license, pleaseclick here.

With a 3D model or assembly open in Inventor, a user can sellect/create a template for the exported HTML file. Click theSettings button in SimLab HTML Exporter ribbon, to open the HTML 5 Settings dialog, where a template can be sellected/edited/created.

After selecting a template click the Export to HTML button, input the file name and location, and share your model on the web.