Plugin Description

SimLab SketchUp importer for Creo plugin enables  Pro/e and Creo users to import SketchUp files into Creo. SketchUp 3D models can now be opened and edited inside PTC Creo, with this great plugin.

Supported versions

The plugin is supported on WF4, WF5, Creo1, and Creo2; 32, and 64bit.

During the installation process of the plugin, a read-me file will open. A user needs to read and do what is required in the read-me file.  After installation the plugin will register itself with Creo, and will add a new SimLab sub-menu in the Tools tab, under the Tools menu.SketchUp Importer plugin functionalities can be accessed from this new sub-menu.

In Wildfire the plugin will add a new top level menu SimLab , to the main application toolbar, with SketchUp Importer sub-menu added to it.

For the first time a user will need to register the plugin's license, Trial or Professional. This can be done by clicking the Export or Register options in the plugin's sub-menu. For a step by step instructions on how to register a license, please click here.

Now select the Import option and start importing (*.skp) SketchUp models into Creo.